The ability to manage a team is an important part of making sure your startup becomes a successful one in the long run.

Startup founders need to learn the rules of managing a team because the reality is that managing people is not really easy. However, it is a necessary skill for success in any business.

But first, let’s get clear on what a Startup is.

In simple terms, a startup is a newly established business.

Although most people think start-ups have to be related to tech, the truth is, a small business owner is a startup owner.

If you run a startup or business, you need people to grow, you need a team(whether it’s a two men team or a 10 men team) and that means you need to hire people and know how to manage them. Or better still, you can hire someone for the sole purpose of managing your team for you.

Management can be a difficult situation for the first time. This post will show you simple tips you need as a first-time founder that will prepare you to lead your team successfully.

1. Hire the right people.

Everyone has unique skills and abilities so you can’t expect one person to be able to do everything.
Different people have different personalities.

This means you need to hire people that will work well together. This can be done by carrying out personality trait tests.

2. Set clear expectations.

As Jim Collins, the author of the best-selling management books “Good to Great” and “Built to Last,” is fond of saying: “If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.”

It will be impossible to achieve your team goals if you don’t set expectations with definite priorities with your team members from the onset. Make sure they’re clear on what you expect from them including communication skills, productivity level, outcomes, and etiquette.

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3. Create systems and processes.

One of the keys to managing a team is to avoid micro-managing them. You can do this by creating systems and processes they can use to get the job done.

This will also help to reduce their workload and create space for them to shine and be more productive.

4. Respect your team.

If you want to attract high-quality people, you need to respect them. Respect can be done by; Compensating them, and not expecting too much from them.

Don’t expect things that are unachievable, for example; expecting them to work 90 hours a week for you when they are contracted employees or expecting the Graphics Designer to do the work of the Content Marketer.

5. Have a proper line of communication.

Sometimes teams don’t work because there is a communication breakdown.
This is why a big part of managing a team is having different lines of communication.

Fortunately, there are various online tools that can allow you to do this.

Managing a team successfully also demands you to be clear and direct when communicating.

For example, proper delegation of tasks requires that you know how to communicate what you need. Without this, your team members have no idea what they should do or what you want.

As a founder, if you’re hiring a manager or managing your team yourself, these tips are guidelines to avoiding any setbacks or failures.

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