How to thrive as a student entrepreneur

How To Thrive as A Student Entrepreneur in Nigeria

Being a student entrepreneur in Nigeria can be a very hard journey, the educational system in most tertiary institutions does not provide much resources and support to make entrepreneurship thrive on campuses.

However, most successful entrepreneurs started their journey while still being a student, there’s a saying in entrepreneurship that

“Entrepreneurs of tomorrow are still in school today”.

There’s a lot of perks to starting your entrepreneurial journey on campus which includes networking, fast feedback from customers, rapid market adoption etc.

Here are some useful tips on how to be a successful student entrepreneur:

1. First Things First; Have a Vision

You need a deep clarity into what your aims and objectives are, your vision is basically your ‘why’. A lot of self-acclaimed student entrepreneurs get this wrong by just starting out without a defined vision.

Clarity is Power

Tony Robbins (American author, coach, motivational speaker, and philanthropist)

You should never start a business without a clearly defined vision, this is the first thing to do as an entrepreneur

Just because you’re student doesn’t mean you can’t be the best of an entrepreneur.

2. Get a Team/Partner

After getting a clear vision into why you’re starting a business, the next thing is to discuss it with a trusted friend, anyone you trust to share things with.

Two heads will always be better than one

“A common adage”

As a student, carrying all the burden on yourself might have a negative effect on your academic performance and will reduce your motivation. Getting a partner to work with will not only reduce the burden but also makes achieving results in your business easier. You can always take on different tasks simultaneously without negatively affecting each other’s plan

3. Set Achievable Goals

In order to effectively manage your time and also staying on track on your academic grades, you need to set little goals that are not too hard to accomplish. If you’re building a software product, setting realistic goals are very important. You can set a single module for a week, or two depending on the technical capacity and resources required as far as it doesn’t take too much of time to accomplish.

If you’re into e-commerce, you might want to consider automating most of your processes right from the placing of an order to its fulfillment. The whole point is in making sure you’re hitting your sales target while also fulfilling your academic commitments.

4. Accountability

The major missing element many student entrepreneurs and general small business owners have when pursuing their goals is having someone by their side to hold them accountable.

Without a clear vision, set of goals, and system in place it’s very easy to get off track and chase opportunities that don’t move the business forward.

Make sure you focus on your vision, and that all you only work on are things related to achieving your weekly tasks/goals. Always have the intention to get it right all the time.

5. Lastly, Don’t Give Up!

Yeah, schools can be crazy sometimes, you might have a difficult time achieving a certain grade and which could completely destroy your morale to keep running your business, or the pressure from family and your peers.

Just keep on trying hard, work smart, and always surround yourselves with minds that will elevate your spirit, join personal development and entrepreneurship clubs on your campus or Apply to SparkHub today to get ahead of your entrepreneurship game.

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