Self-Care: 9 Brilliant Tips for Entrepreneurs 

Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

Taking care of oneself is very vital and as entrepreneurs or founders, you need to prioritise self-care.

Entrepreneurs can be very terrible at taking care of themselves. They know nothing about self- care and even when they do, they do nothing about it. 

Entrepreneurs prioritize work over their well-being. They will rather pride themselves on working long hours, staring at their computer screens for over 16 hours per day, having sleepless nights, not having a flair for activities outside work, and barely taking some time to rest. 

While your activities as an entrepreneur or a founder are to provide solutions to pressing problems and the needs of people, you also need to pay attention to your wellbeing. Your personal health/wellness is of several dimensions. However, self-care activities attend directly to your physical health and mental health.

It is very possible to build a successful business and still achieve and maintain good health and well-being. 

Any activity you carry out to improve and/or preserve your health is a self-care activity. Self-care requires you to act deliberately.  

Importance of Self-care Activities

  1. Self-care helps prioritize yourself. It doesn’t always have to be building solutions for people, helping people to live better and making processes easier for people. You also get to prioritize yourself, putting your wellness and yourself first.  This helps you respect yourself too. 
  1. Self-care reset your mind and body. Like a reset button, self-care helps you get yourself back together when you feel down or you are experiencing burn-out or block. Entrepreneurs/founders’ minds work constantly, thinking of a product bug, trying to come up with the next solution, and devising methods to remain relevant in the market and other related business operations. While this is good, take some moments to just unwind, reset your mind and body and even boost your productivity as you get to relax and be rejuvenated/re-energized. 
  1. Self-care allows you to create a better relationship with yourself. Spending some time to take care of yourself helps you discover your interest, your personal needs, and what makes you happy among other discoveries. 
  1. Self-care helps you deal with work stress and pressure which enhances your performance. 
  1. Self-care activities help you improve the quality of your life. 

Every minute spent taking care of yourself is never a waste. The real waste of time is the time spent recovering from a health issue caused by you neglecting to take care of yourself. 

Self-care activities do not even take so much time yet, they are super rewarding. 

Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

So what are the self-care activities that entrepreneurs/founders can engage in 

Self-Care Activities for Entrepreneurs/Founders

  1. Eat healthily and stay hydrated 

Eating healthy is important for the normal functioning of the body and mind. When you eat well,  you get in a better mood which will help you work better. Eating well also gives you the energy you need to work. 

Also, drinking water regularly is a healthy habit. It helps your heart and blood flow, oral hygiene, skin and kidney. Ensure that a bottle of water is close to you. 

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise gets you in a good mood. Endorphins,  the chemical that makes you feel happy, are released during exercise. When you are happy, you work better. 

  1. Learn when to say no

You don’t have to always say ‘Yes’ to requests from people. Learn to say no and know when and how to politely say no. 

  1. Delegate and outsource duties 

There are some activities that you can delegate or outsource. You don’t have to do everything in your business. Hire capable hands and delegate duties. You can also outsource some activities such as house cleaning, and laundry to allow you more time for yourself.

Learn to ask for and receive help from people.

  1. Prepare ahead for the day

Before you begin the day, create a list of what you need to do and the goals you intend to achieve for that day Have a to-do list of your daily activities. It guides you and helps you prioritize the day. It helps you stay organized. 

  1. Take breaks

Don’t just sit and work for long hours. Take breaks, work around and chats with your employees or colleagues  

  1. Sleep well

Some entrepreneurs go with the belief that “sleep is for the weak”. 

Sorry to burst your bubble but sleep is good for you. Sleep boosts your productivity. It reset your body and mind. A nap is not a bad idea. Get enough sleep. 

  1. Meditate and journal

Meditation and journaling relax the mind and helps stay sane. As you make plans for your daily activities, also make a plan for a time to be with yourself. These are periods that you spend with yourself. Make space for a ‘Me’ time in your schedule.

  1. Engage in your hobbies

Outside work, what are the other things you love to do? Do them. Do what makes you happy and motivated. 

Go for regular massages, see movies, read some books for pleasure, cycle, go for a swim, enjoy the sunshine, take pictures and engage in activities that boost your mood, make you happy and energize you. Neglecting these simple tips could be you sending an invite to boredom, burn-out,  stressed life and even illness. 

Keep building useful solutions while also maintaining good physical and mental wellness.

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