Update on The Smart Farmers Naija Lockdown Competition

On the 23rd of August, 2020, Indus-Mega Farms commenced the registration for “The Smart Farmers Naija Lockdown Competition.” The competition was to present farmpreneurswith the opportunity to pitch an idea showing how to generate more than 15 healthy cucumbers from a single stalk in less than 71 days using slides and a compressed video clip.

Registration closed on the 3rd of October with 71 candidatesfully registered. However, of the 71 candidates, only 3 participated in the competition.

The rule of the competition was to present an idea centered on the harvest of more than 15 healthy cucumbers from a single stalk, of which they must have deliberately taken their time to plant before submitting their entries, as this was to prove the credibility of the work done.

Research has proven that, depending on the variety, cucumbers are ready for harvest 50 to 70 days after planting. A proof that 71 days is more than sufficient to practically demonstrate their ideas on their own piece of land.

On evaluation, the 3 entries were not found credible for further processing by the judges, as such, the competition was annulledbecause none of the submitted video entries was valid.

Indus-Mega Farms has however decided to compensate those who submitted their entries by grouping them as a team to participate for the ongoing Hult Prize, 2020 competition tagged “Food for good”. This would be another opportunity toparticipate in a nationwide competition. In addition to that, a certificate of participation was awarded to the 3 participants who submitted their entries. 

Lastly, by the virtue of registering for the Smart Farmers NaijaLockdown Competition, all candidates were automatically incorporated into the Spark Hub Nigeria Community to train and develop their skill set on how to effectively prepare pitch desks.

We appreciate all who participated in the competition and we believe next time will be better and greater.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the competition: FruitaliciousAbuja, Hult Prize Nigeria, Hult Prize OAU, Agro-Earn Nigeria, Spark Hub Nigeria, Association of Anambra State Students in Nigeria and Diaspora (AASSND).

Here at Indus-Mega Farms, we aim to unveil the hidden potentials of Agriculture. Thank you!

Ezemuo Arinze Frank,


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